Can You Plant Different Fruit Trees Together

Can You Plant Different Fruit Trees Together

Can You Plant Different Fruit Trees Together

Trees belong in every garden, I think. On the one hand, they are a wonderful privacy screen and, on the other hand, they provide cool shade in the hot summer. If you decide on fruit trees in your garden, you can also harvest delicious fruits.

In addition to spherical maples, apples, cherries, and plum trees grow in my little garden. With many trees, of course, many need to be chopped down so that they stay well and bear a lot of fruit each season. Now the time for pruning begins.

So that I don’t have to climb the wobbly ladder, I have now treated myself to cutting the UPX86 giraffe from Fiskars. I’m excited. This makes cutting down trees really fun and very easy to do. I have now made a fixed note of what you should pay attention to.

You can be calm and brave when cutting down trees

Trust yourself and snip off! Don’t worry, you could be slightly mistaken. If you are not sure – it is better to cut off more than too little.

That won’t go with your tree. Just try to keep the shape of your tree as long as possible. Therefore, you should not work on the crown using an electric hedge trimmer.

Use loppers, jigsaws, or, like me, the UPX86 cutting giraffes from Fiskars. Snapback the main branches around so that the crown is evenly reduced. Then you will finally remove the branches and twigs that are too dense, crossing or growing inward from inside the crown. Finished.

If you leave too much, the tree canopy may not grow properly and produce beautiful, strong branches. So, come on…

The right time for cutting the tree

Many miss the right moment to cut down a tree. You should just remember that it is best to use scissors during the break. This is best done in the late fall and winter months. However, you should not start snipping off at minus 5 degrees. Then you better leave the loppers in the shed. Choose a mild day.

One where the sun rises and heats up. Because of the frost, the branches can break badly and damage your tree. Strong sprouting varieties, such as willow, should still be pruned in the summer. On the other hand, trees that emerge early, such as maple and Robinia, are present in the fall.


Now is exactly the right time to plant one or two trees in the garden. But then you should definitely remember to do a proper pruning of the planting first. Many forget that. You absolutely have to do this before you can put it on the ground.

It is trimmed in such a way that only the main shoot and the other branches remain. Everything else came from. So your whole tree is well supplied with nutrients from its roots. And: You laid the foundation for a proper tree.

Then you should cut them into a pyramid shape later. To do this, you leave the lower shoots at their length and shorten the upper ones so that they taper towards the crown.

Finally, a little rule of thumb for cutting a tree

You can hardly make mistakes in cutting down trees, but I’ve already explained that to you. Finally, there’s a simple rule of thumb: a third of the drive can go. In the case of fruit trees, you can also cut them in half without worrying.

So the crown will be beautiful and full again and your fruit tree will bring a lot of delicious fruit next season. You’ll see.

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