Cheap Patio Cover Ideas

Cheap Patio Cover Ideas

Cheap Patio Cover Ideas

A terrace covering has to withstand a lot and different weather influences also leave their mark. Often, however, the deterioration can only be fixed.

Made of wood, stone, or tiles – a terrace floor can be implemented in different ways and, depending on the appearance, contribute to the desired atmosphere at night. When choosing a new floor, you should not only pay attention to good aesthetics but also long service life.

The durability of various terrace coverings

Cheap Patio Cover Ideas

Typically, the following types of coverings are suitable for terrace floors:

  • Lumber: wood, WPC
  • Slabs: stone, natural stone, polygonal
  • Multiple materials: natural stone (gravel or split)
  • Earthenware: concrete paving, natural stone
  • Tiles: wood, WPC, natural stone, fine and rough ceramics

Often the durability of terrace floors is estimated to be almost infinite in the context of house construction. However, in practice, sooner or later most terrace coverings will show signs of their use.


One of the other discolorations may not be noticeable, especially on light tile tiles. The surface structure of terrace tiles can also suffer after several decades and require repair or replacement.

Tip: The best durability is expected with patio tiles made of ceramic, flagstone and stone.

»Wooden covers

In the case of a wooden terrace, the type of wood used is highly dependent on how long the coverage will last. While tropical teak lasts approximately 25 years, other wood types need to be overhauled after only 5-10 years. wooden is also a very good idea and a Cheap Patio Cover.

“Lots of goods

If the floor is made of gravel or chippings, it usually does not cause durability when it is replaced: the appearance suffers from many discolorations, and the terrace floor makes an unpleasant impression. An update of the floor covering is therefore often the result.

Fix damaged decking

It is not always necessary to replace the terrace cover. First of all, check if you can fix it as well. It’s usually easier and cheaper as well. these are the Cheap Patio Cover Ideas.

Repair of wood elements

Although wood flooring is sensitive, the affected areas are often repaired in a few simple steps.

Scratch the wood

If you want to remove small scratches on the wooden floor, you can use a simple trick. To do this, place a wet cloth on the scratch and then run a hot iron (program: wool) over it. With a little luck, the swelling of the wood means the scratch is no longer visible.

Alternatively, you can sand the wood and then apply a nourishing oil. Re -improving the varnish is also a reasonable option.

Gray spots on wood

Rain and UV light are hostile to wooden covers. Graying the surface is a natural process and can also be desired by some patio owners. If you want to prevent graying, you can treat the wood with colorless terrace oil.

Fix WPC caps

If it’s not a question of a water stain that can be removed in the next no time, you need a little more. For example, you can treat a rough WPC surface with sandpaper if it has scratches or hard stains. Initially, the area that has been sanded off will have a slightly different color.

However, under many natural influences (rain, solar radiation, etc.), this color variation is self-evident.

You should not drop smooth WPC caps. Here you can try to fix scratches or the like with a hairdryer. If this doesn’t work, there’s no way around replacing the plank or tile in question.

Replace damaged tiles

If the terrace tiles are damaged, you can’t help but replace them. However, to save costs and labor, you should check if it is possible to replace individual tiles. In this case, it is best to have some old tiles from the tiling.

The faster you perform such a repair, the easier it will be to avoid expensive tracking costs. So it is better to replace individual tiles from time to time rather than repositioning the entire floor.

Cheap Patio Cover Ideas

To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Step 1
    First, grind the joint around the defective tile. You can then remove the tile with a hammer and chisel.

    Tip: If you do not remove the joint, you manage the risk of damaging adjacent tiles.

  • step 2
    When you have removed the entire tile, you must remove any residual residue from the substrate. When that’s done, place a balcony and terrace seal underground and tape the surrounding tiles with adhesive tape.
  • step 3
    Mix a small amount of tile adhesive and spread it on the dry surface. Brush the adhesive into the adhesive with a notched trowel and then insert the tile. Then align the tile exactly and press it on. Now all you have to do is remove the tape (before the glue dries) and let the surface dry for 24 hours.
  • Step 4
    When the joint adhesive has dried, mix in some joint mortar. Work it into the joints with a spatula and remove the debris with a rubber squeegee. When the mortar dries, wipe the tile clean.

Renew the covering territory

If the covering on the terrace can no longer be fixed, a complete renewal is inevitable. As long as the old floor is reasonably smooth and without too much bump, it is also possible to place the new floor on top of the old one. The fact that the terrace is then somewhat higher is usually without consequence.

Remove the old cover on the terrace

However, in most cases, it is necessary to completely remove the old cover. While this is relatively straightforward on screwed boards, removing old stone slabs or tiles is more difficult. Because they are often contiguous and need to be laborious to remove. Depending on the size of the terrace, this can be done with a hammer and chisel or with a mortise hammer.

Tip: Thoroughly sand the substrate to remove any remaining adhesive and other bumps. The resulting dust and crumbs are best removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Lay a new cover on the terrace

Once the old cover is removed, you can start putting on a new cover. It’s up to you whether you move to the same or a different surface. As we have already mentioned, you should not only pay attention to appearance but also durability.

Hope you understand about Cheap Patio Cover Ideas how they helpful for us. everything is covered in this article.

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