Create Wildflower Meadow Existing Lawn


Create Wildflower Meadow Existing Lawn

It doesn’t always have to be an English yard! Colorful, crazy, natural, and also the very best buffet for butterflies, bees, and co.. . If you do not need to do with no yard, you may simply cut 2 or 3 square meters for a meadow of flowers.

After all, rely on every donation to the security of the species and environment – no matter how small. I mentioned here how to set up a flowering plant properly: This is how it works with a blossoming area – my 5 best hints.


Are you still unsure if a vegetable garden is ideal for your backyard? So, then let us experiment first. Just look for a small test corner at the garden – perhaps behind the backyard shed or tool shed or a strip across the fence.

There you can spread your seed mixture and determine if such a miniature couple is right for you and your backyard.

Incidentally, 1 thing should be clear to you first: You can walk in one like a wildflower Meadow and lie there today and then, but it is not a play place for your children.

It’s totally unsuitable for regular soccer games or dog training. Soil load has an inhibitory effect on the growth of plants and flowers. There’s a yard to run around.

Not all flooring will be the same. Not all blossoms and every plant grow anywhere. That is why you should assess your dirt before you sow your own vegetable garden.

Proper kits are available in the garden center or you could send a soil sample into one of the many labs. Before sowing, the soil ought to be ready accordingly.

The first thing that you see is how stable the earth is. For example, you can work on some sand to loosen it. This will expand the pores and improve the air and water balance in the ground.

The following step: Get rid of weeds! As crazy as it seems, while dandelions and nettles indicate a high nutrient content in the dirt, they are powerful competitors for the flowering plant.

You should also thoroughly eliminate couch grass and bindweed. However, you shouldn’t release all, after all, they’re the best worm food. After all, without worms, there are no butterflies.


A differentiation is made between the series and the match. The show mix especially contains a lot of summer flowers that have to be re-sown.

Incidentally, most seed shops and organic gardeners have mixtures composed mainly of local species. Just have a walk in nature in your area to become motivated.

The soil you have prepared is cleaned before sowing and wet with a good jet of water. Then you simply spread the seeds. Subsequently, the seed is pressed a bit with a scoop or shovel. After the lawn sprinkler is utilized, after all this sowing it also needs to be kept moist. It is like a lawn.

When the plant has increased and budded to bloom, you can safely neglect the subject of watering and pruning. This is nature’s responsibility now. You’re able to look after the government as needed.


If so, because there is already: People who purchase a lawnmower also can do without a lawnmower. You only mow with a scythe.

Obviously, it takes a little training and is not completely safe for novices, but in terms of nature and species protection, this can be the better solution.

Additionally: the classic lawnmower will not get you very far anyway. The flowers are increasing, the weeds are extremely dense.

As soon as you’ve internalized the way to use the scythe, something is relaxing and meditative about the job. Incidentally, they”mow” twice a year – in late summer and autumn. If you are not doing so together with the scythe but with the lawnmower, please do without the grass catcher on this gadget.

Since in aggregation, the seeds fall into the crops, which is very vital for the further evolution of your own plant-like.

In this article covered everything about Create Wildflower Meadow Existing Lawn.

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