5 Differences Between Dogs And Cats

5 differences between dogs and cats

5 Differences Between Dogs And Cats

5 differences between dogs and cats: Being like dogs and cats often means we are too different to get along.

However, many dogs and cats can be seen sharing the same household. And fortunately, because there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a dog and a cat at home get along well. Do you know what the differences are between a dog and a cat? They are here :

5 Differences Between Dogs And Cats

1- Domestication

Dogs and cats are not cared for at the same time. And although cheating is still controversial to date, it is widely believed that the dog was cared for before the cat.

In fact, the dog may have been an animal at least 15,000 years ago. Therefore, the cat may have been an animal 10,000 years ago according to the latest discoveries.

This difference explains in part why we receive ideas like “a cat doesn’t stand up” because it’s harder to find something that will motivate a cat to cooperate.

2- Living time

The dog will live at your own pace. At any time, he is ready to accompany you in your activities. In cats, it looks a bit different. In fact, even though the cat is not a fully nocturnal animal, many like to go out after dark. The cat loves the silence that accompanies the night. But more importantly, it is at night that favorite prey is activated (e.g. rodents).

3- Life expectancy

We know, unlike a dog, a cat has 9 lives !! This legend has many origins (Hindu, Egyptian, etc.). But for me, it comes down to the fact that cats tend to live longer than dogs.

Science gives an average of 15 years for the dog. Because, for the cat, he estimates that on average it can live at least twenty years.

Is it for this reason that the cat is sometimes associated with the image of a sage? Because he will live longer and therefore accumulate more wisdom? Maybe, but not me. Personally, my cat is a demon (But I love him !!)

4- Behavior and body language

Being two different species, the cat and dog have behaviors that are sometimes similar, but not necessarily the same thing.

We can give as an example the movement of the tail. To give an example of a general regardless of any context (individual, environment, etc.), a dog that enters its tail is often happy. Instead, the cat will be irritated.

In addition, the dog can easily turn to the person and may want to accompany you anywhere. To have a good relationship with your dog, you need to show a white foot. If your cat is scared, a safe bet is that he will hide before you approach you.

It is often said that our dog sees us as a god, while the cat thinks he is a god. A humorous image that generally underlines the differences between the two species.

Be careful, however, because a cat has the same ability as a dog to love its man. Pay attention to the received ideas, they do not describe the truth and do not take into account the individual and his personality.

5- Education

Very often we think that a dog teaches itself but not a cat. Nothing more fake. On the other hand, the difference is that it is harder to find reinforcement and motivation in the cat.

In addition, you cannot take a cat to a cat club for group lessons. I think it’s going to be complicated. If you don’t know how to train your dog, you can call our Canidelite Canine Center in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Paris, and Perpignan.

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