How to get baby to take pacifier instead of breast

How to get baby to take pacifier instead of breast
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How to get baby to take pacifier instead of breast

Our experience as new breastfeeding mothers often leads us to believe that all the time our baby spends at the breast is valuable since he is drinking milk, growing, and causing our breasts to drain for milk production. However, we should recognize that not all breast time is created equally.

You can choose a pacifier that is appropriate for your infant’s age or stage of development. You will find many fancy and well-decorated pacifiers on the market.

Sometimes you will face difficulties while switching babies from breast to pacifier. don’t worry in this article we will try to explain how to get baby to take pacifier instead of breast.

In addition to indicating the packaging contains an infant or neonate rating, the packaging should state whether or not the nipple is an imitation breast nipple or an artificial nipple.

When choosing pacifiers, opt for one-piece models instead of two-piece models so the pieces won’t fall apart. Some pacifiers have wide bases, which means that your baby ought to be able to breathe through them.

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How to get a breastfed baby to take a pacifier

After doing research found that using the pacifier when your baby is calm and content is the best practice. You should not wait until she is crying or upset before using it. Place the pacifier on her cheek and she will suckle. This is a natural reflex your baby has.

There are many reasons for breastfeeding to stop or become less frequent. Some of the common causes are baby refusing the breast, physical discomfort with breastfeeding, or any other reason.

When a baby refuses to take a breast, it is possible that it can be connected with an oral aversion. This might be caused by touch sensitivity issues, sensitivities to nipple stimulation, or the thumb-sucking reflex. It is important that you pay attention to your baby’s cues and try different strategies until you find one that works best for you both.

A pacifier can help your baby self-soothe and suck on something other than your nipple. Babies will often take a pacifier more easily if it is warmed first in some warm water or milk before being offered to them.

After introducing the pacifier again, dip it into breast milk or formula, or warm it up in your hand before placing it on the infant’s mouth. Repeat these steps each time for a few minutes.

The key to getting a baby to take a pacifier instead of the breast is to introduce it while they are still young and gradually wean them off the breast. There should also be other children in the family who use pacifiers so that they can see and copy their older siblings.

Some parents find it easier to make their child take a pacifier if they are given one themselves. They can model how they use it in front of their child, making it easier for them to make this transition.

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