Plant An Apple Tree

Plant An Apple Tree

Plant An Apple Tree

In local orchards and orchards, the apple tree is the classic efficiency of par. More and more people want to cultivate an apple tree in their own garden. If you follow some of the tips, that’s no problem. When choosing an apple tree, you should not only focus on the taste of the fruit but much more.

The right location for planting an apple tree

The location and proper soil composition are decisive for growth and a rich harvest. Apple trees need a light and sunny in a slightly shaded location in your garden. Of course, it is also important that you maintain a minimum distance from buildings. A fully growing standard apple tree can have a crown diameter of approximately 10 m.

If, on the other hand, you do not have an immense area, then you should choose one of the small and shallow-rooted species of Malus. These varieties also grow on a trellis. The soil must be heavy and deep. Apple trees love a humus clay soil that can store water for a longer period of time and thus provide the roots with adequate moisture and nutrition.

The planting

  • There are also a few things to consider when planting apple trees
  • The best time to plant is early spring
  • The excavated hole should be twice the width and depth of the root ball
  • The tree is covered with soil rich in humus
  • The soil needs to be compacted properly
  • Water well
  • Cover the soil around the tree with compost or bark mulch. This protects the tree from drying out.
  • Do not forget the support post, because the tree must be protected from the windthrow

If the tree has a bulge thick in the trunk, i.e., a grafting point, it should protrude at least 15 cm above the ground so that no roots are formed on it.

Watering and fertilizing

Watering is important on hot days. You should have enough water to benefit the roots from the water to a depth of approximately 20 cm. In the case of newly planted apple trees, the top layer of soil should not dry out.

Depending on the temperature, you need to water several times a day. If your apple tree is prominent, then you need to give it right away with a complete fertilizer. You can also regularly spread compost or mulch around the tree. It is often sufficient as a fertilizer.

The right cut

So that you can expect a successful apple harvest, the right cut is essential. It makes a distinction between a normal cut and a shaped cut. Normal pruning occurs immediately after flowering. You remove all excess shoots so that the remaining leaves and fruit heads get enough light. For the formation of fruits and buds to be stimulated, you should plan for the fall as a pruning. Here the shoots are only shortened, but not completely removed.

You can remove the following:

  • All branches growing inward
  • Guns protruding upwards
  • Dead or diseased branches
  • Drought droughts
  • Competitive instincts in the middle branch

Diseases and pests

The most important diseases and pests are briefly explained

Aphids suck the precious juice from your apple tree. Therefore, they should be removed immediately. To do this, you spray the whole beer tree with nettles for several days.

Nasa Flower monilia is a fungal disease also known as the drought of flowers and twigs. Fungal spores sow themselves in the process. You must immediately destroy the infected regions of the plant and infected fruit. A special anti-fungal agent will help you fight it quickly.

Cancer in the fruit tree you will recognize by the orange and brown color of the bark. At the same time, these areas are dry and cracked. Here too, you need to remove and destroy the infected parts immediately.

Using apples

Apples vary in their uses. They taste delicious, of course, freshly taken from the tree. But you can also store and preserve apples. To preserve it, you can cook an apple, which you have frozen, or you can use a steam juicer to make your own apple juice, which can be kept for several months in bottles and stored in a cool, dark place.

You can also make great jams and jellies from apples. And last but not least, apples are suitable for cooking many delicious cakes.

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