Rainwater Irrigation System for Gardens

Rainwater Irrigation System for Gardens

Rainwater Irrigation System for Gardens

Installing the right rainwater irrigation system is a little bit tricky but don’t worry in this article I will tell you which is the best and suitable Rainwater Irrigation System for Gardens.

Water is an expensive proposition because you also have to pay wastewater bills for it. As a garden owner, you should use free rainwater.

If you have a small garden, then large water collection containers are not worth it, a barrel or barrel is usually enough.

There are many colors and shapes of barrels and barrels. You can put them in your garden afterward and save a lot of money over time.

The use of rainwater in the garden

No matter how big your garden is, it always makes sense to collect rainwater and use it in the garden. Experts often discuss the extent to which water can or should be used. In any case, there is agreement that the collected water is ideal for watering.

You can use it for your houseplants as well as in the garden. For this reason, both rain barrels and rain barrels are generally recommended for unlimited use in the garden.

Which rain barrels are best?

Of course, this is the question asked by anyone with a plan to collect rainwater. You can get cheap rain barrels for 15 euros. Of course, there are no higher limits. There is a wall tank that looks like a wall and holds 400 liters. The price here is approximately 300 euros. We also noticed a wall tank with a wooden look.

It is made of plastic, also holds about 400 liters and costs about 300 euros. Gabion water guns look chic too. The gabion container costs an average of 200 euros. In addition, there are foil inserts and stones to fill the gabion basket.

In some gardens we also saw old wooden wine barrels that hold between 200 and 500 liters. With a faucet and lid, they cost an average of 100 euros. A folding rain barrel, which can be conveniently placed in the winter without wasting space, is also practical.

These barrels hold between 300 and 500 liters and are available from almost 50 euros.

How To Collect Rainwater For Plants

It rained but and downpipe away at each other

So water from the rain gutter also gets into the rain barrel, it makes sense to use a rainwater collector. Such a simple rainwater collector is connected directly to the downpipe and then directs the water directly to the rain barrel.

A relatively high-quality rainwater collector filters the water coming from the roof and frees it from leaves and other objects. Of course, it makes sense to place the rain barrel right next to the downpipe.

Most rainwater harvesters are equipped with an overflow stop that no longer enters water once the rain barrel is full. The simple variant here is a flap that can be opened and closed.

The disadvantage of this cheap variant is that the water flows which is not filtered into the rain barrel and is not diverted when the rainwater is full.

In the worst case, water damage around the barrel can occur if water from the entire barrel cannot be removed remotely.

If you cannot place the rain barrel directly next to the downpipe, you will need a plug-in pipe with a connection for a hose. This hose serves as a connection between the barrel and the downpipe.

Make sure the drain for the hose is at the same height of the downpipe and the inlet barrel. Otherwise the water from the trash can run back into the canal.

Rainwater Irrigation System for Gardens

Barrel of rain with frost-proof?

If you decide to buy a frost-proof rain barrel, you don’t have to strip it of the winter. Depending on the region and weather, it is questionable if you can use water from the barrel in the winter, so it makes sense to empty every rain barrel in the winter.

If you lives in a region where it’s not too freezing in the winter and you don’t want to get rid of the trash, it’s important that you just fill it up to 75% – 50% is better. This means there is enough space if the water freezes.

Protect the gutter

Raindrops are often clogged with leaves. The result is no more water flowing into the rain barrel and, in the worst case, the water can cause major damage to the building.

Therefore, if you do not want to keep the gutter cleaning clear, it makes sense to include a leaf guard in the gutter. This perforated hole is available in different sizes.

You can also easily make a leaf guard yourself from a thin barbed wire and place it in the rain gutter.

Be sure to remember !!!

If the roof where you want to collect rainwater is made of copper or zinc, then you should refrain from collecting rainwater, because such roofs soluble and insoluble metal compounds can be washed.

Important tip !!!

Rain barrels and rain barrels should always be covered with a lid. This will prevent the spread of algae and mosquitoes. You also protect animals from drowning.

Every point is covered in this Rainwater Irrigation System for Gardens article if you still have any query you can ask below.

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