When did you introduce pacifier to breastfed baby

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When did you introduce pacifier to breastfed baby

As parents, we’re willing to move mountains in order to comfort our little ones and alleviate the pain they may be experiencing. We understand how hard it is when our little ones seem to be feeling overwhelmed, upset, or agitated.

The breast and bottle are usually switched when a baby girl is born; however, some girls may become confused about their nipples if their artificial nipples are introduced too early.

The difference between nursing and breastfeeding is that when a child nurses, his jaw and tongue work together systematically, cupping and pressing against the palate to lead to the development of flattened and longer tissues around the nipple.

If left upside down, the milk drips down their throats causing them to choke. When the bottle is held upright, their tongues are lifted to block their throats and prevent choking.

The difference between breastfeeding and the constant flow of milk from the formula is that the child does not have to work hard or long for the milk. The milk comes from the mother, not from the baby.

Pacifier for newborn good or bad

In the beginning, a pacifier or bottle can make your baby confuse nipples with pacifiers. The longer you wait to start introducing artificial nipples to your baby, the less likely it will be that your baby will become confused.

Many breastfeeding mothers learn to latch after birth, but some babies know how to latch from day one. Sucking is a reflex for an infant, but latching is not.

The presence of a pacifier in your cabinet might prove helpful for your baby when they are having trouble being cradled, embraced, and rocked – regardless of whether your baby is newborn, 4-month old, or 3-month-old.

In addition, there are many contradictory suggestions on the internet regarding pacifier feeding, which makes determining when and how to introduce pacifiers to your baby quite difficult.

As a parent, you have a responsibility to introduce pacifiers to your baby in a positive and healthy way. Here is some advice based on evidence-based research to help.

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