Stupid Car Tray Reviews (Worth Or Trash)

You’re a busy parent and realtor, constantly shuttling between showings with a car full of kids’ toys, paperwork, and tragically spilled drinks. Just when you’re about to surrender your vehicle to the chaos, you discover the Stupid Car Tray. This innovative tray promises to level out your passenger seat into a stable workspace while containing crumbs and chaos.

It sounds too good to be true for your disorganized driving life. But as you hit yet another bump, sending files flying, you think “There has to be a better way!” Let’s take a look at whether the “stupid” Stupid Car Tray is an organizational genius.

What Is A Stupid Car Tray?

Stupid Car Tray is more than just a flat surface – it’s an organizational powerhouse. It has built-in compartments and cup holders that allow me to keep all my essentials neatly organized and within reach. No more fumbling around for my phone, wallet, or keys – they have their own designated spots. And the best part? The tray secures to the seat, ensuring that nothing slides off, even when I hit bumps or take sharp turns. Weighing just over a pound, I can easily move it from car to car or tuck it away when not in use. And the fact that it’s designed to fit most vehicle makes and models means I don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Coffee & Juice Cup Perfectly Hold On Stupid Car Tray
Coffee & Juice Cup Perfectly Hold On Stupid Car Tray

key benefits of the Stupid Car Tray:

  1. Allows you to safely transport drinks, food, laptops and more
  2. Ideal for commuters, parents, delivery drivers, realtors, and anyone who spends a lot of time in their vehicle
  3. Has compartments and cup holders to organize items
  4. Non-slip grip edges keep items secure
  5. The included strap lets you securely transport larger items
  6. Prevents spills, messes, and distractions while driving
  7. Transforms your passenger seat into a functional mobile office
  8. Lightweight and portable at only 1.2 lbs
  9. Easy to install – fits on virtually any vehicle’s seat
  10. Made from durable, shatterproof plastic and rubber
  11. Versatile for various use cases like work, kids’ activities, meals on the go
  12. Patent-protected design made in the USA
  13. 90-day money-back guarantee
  14. Highly rated by over 100,000 users with 4.9/5 stars
Creates flat, level surfaceMay not fit very small cars or have limited positioning
Organizes itemsAdded upfront cost compared to basic organizers
Secures items from slidingSome users find tray ledges limiting
Lightweight and portableNo built-in cooling/heating elements
Fits most vehiclesRequires frequent cleaning for spills
Turns seat into workspaceCould obstruct when not in use
Prevents spills and messesLimited color options
A Table Of Pros & Cons About Stupid Car Tray